Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Okay, it has been forever since I posted on here. My bad.  I did graduate in December.  Yayy.  However, a lot has happened since my last post.  Here is a brief summary.  In November, I was blessed enough to get flown out to Long Beach, CA to dance in ASIA Entertainment’s 32 annual celebration concert.  It was a very intense experience, but one that I will cherish for a long time.  I went with an absolutely amazing group of people.  In January, I got to spend most of my time with my Blank Canvas family.  I can not describe how much I truly treasured that time with those amazing people, new and old members.  We prepared all month for the Coalescence showcase hosted by JMU’s Mozaic.  I felt very proud of what we performed and of each member of the team because everyone worked very hard.  I am so incredibly thankful for how hard everyone worked for my piece, they have no idea how much it means to me, and I hope they were all happy with how it turned out!  I was also able to collaborate with some good friends Christian and Marbien to create out first concept video to Can We Chill by Neyo.  The final project I did around this time is another concept video with Teresa.  Both of those concept videos were done with great people.  I had so much fun choreographing and filming and I am very thankful I got to work with them.  All three of those videos have links listed at the bottom of this post, if you are interested.  Throughout the whole month of January, I was pretty much working at the VCU bookstore, choreographing, or spending time with BC.  So I would say it was a pretty good month.  I am actually not going to wait so long to actually post something on here now, or I will try not to. haha, alrighty. bye for now!

Blank Canvas - Coalescence 2013

Can We Chill - Blank Canvas

Go - Amy & Teresa