Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Team Performances

Oops.  I missed November on here completely.  Maybe I should make a schedule of when I should post on here to be more consistent.  We’ll see.  Happy late Thanksgiving!!  What have I been doing recently.  I have been working on choreography a lot.  Trying out different styles and musicality.  I feel like I am growing in that sense.  I also really want to get more into the freestyle community here.  I love freestyling for fun so much, but I am trying to get my confidence up so I can use that skill in a cypher or audition situation.  I was able to go to Movement Lifestyle theTour in Washington DC in October.  It was an amazing weekend, filled with seeing dance family from everywhere.  All my worlds colliding, and it was amazing being in that positive and supportive environment.  The choreographers were talented and passionate.  However, I should have made more of an effort to talk to them when I was there.  That is something I will work on next time in that situation.  I also did not perform as well as I know I could have in groups. I don't know if it was because I knew everyone there and so I was thinking about trying to make people proud of me or because I was in DC not NY, or what, but that is a problem and I am addressing it and trying to improve. Overall though, I am starting to feel more comfortable at Broadway Dance Center and in classes around in the community.  Which I definitely think is helping me relax in classes and really focus on growing instead feeling so intimidated by everyone.  I am meeting people everyday and you already know I LOVE that. haha I am trying to take in this whole experience and learn from everyone I can.  I also have some video projects in the works and hopefully some other things as well.  I feel like I say this every time, but I will stop saying it when it is no longer true. Which might be never. haha But thank you to every single person who has given me a comment, like, message, share, anything and everything that supports what I am trying to do.  It means SOOO much to me, and it is honestly such motivation to keep working hard.  Thank you.

I was able to perform with Epic Motion Dance Company at World of Dance Boston 2013 and World of Dance New Jersey 2013.  The piece we performed was not a typical piece for WOD.  It had a contemporary feel, along with an emotional story.  Performing this piece was such a rush just to really enjoy the movement and express myself on stage.  The choreographers for that piece Kris and Shoey, are both such amazing artists and I hope I get to work with them again.  I pulled a muscle in my left leg, and although I had to perform with it being injured at WOD NJ, it has fully recovered at this point. I also got to perform with Project D Dance Company for the first time at Reign or Shine VII.  Although Project D is a huge group, I feel very close with them, and when they say they are about family and community, it is true.  What an amazing group of people that I am very blessed to call them my friends and my new dance family.  

I am so happy that I was able to contribute and be a choreographer for the 5 Pointz community tribute video project set up by my good friend Kaily.  Choreographing partner pieces has become easier now that I have done it more, so that's good since I have been loving partner work recently. haha 5 Pointz was an amazing place where graffiti artists from all over the world have come over the years to express themselves and actually seeing it was overwhelming.  Unfortunately, 5 Pointz since then has been painted over completely white which has been hard for the entire hip-hop community.  Days before this landmark was destroyed, we were luckily able to film the piece just in time.  I had a blast working with everyone on this project and am thankful for all the dancers’ hard work in my piece, and all of the pieces.  Thank you guys!!!  If you are interested, I will list the links below to all of the pieces I have talked about here.  

Epic Motion | "Stay" | World of Dance Boston 2013

Epic Motion | "Stay" | World of Dance New Jersey 2013

Reign or Shine VII | Project D

Dance for 5 Pointz

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