Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Balancing Act

It’s already July.  I can not believe that.  In the last month, what has happened?  Well, I am now a work studies participant at Broadway Dance Center, and because of that, I am able to take a lot more classes there than before I started the work study program.  I am ecstatic about this opportunity because obviously, the choreographers and teachers at BDC are so talented and have vast knowledge of the whole industry.  I had some lovely visitors during June, and it was great to spend time with some of my NC dance family.  In a few weeks, I am performing with a hip-hop crew from the Bronx at an event.  I am very grateful that they invited me to be a part of this event with them.  I auditioned for a paid hip-hop performance group for events around New York City and was happy when I found out that I was selected to be a part of it.  Any opportunity that I will be able to make any money doing what I love, getting experience, and exposure, is something that makes me feel very blessed.  I also joined a crew in NJ.  The commute is not too bad, but it isn’t fun by any means.  This group is huge but they are very into the family and community aspect of a crew, which is something I really like about them.  They are also a very talented group of people, which of course will give me a great opportunity to learn anything I can from them and hopefully share anything I have to offer with them as well.  

This past weekend, I had final shows for my two companies that I had previously joined.  Of course I love performing and being on stage, so the weekend flew by.  There were some scheduling and regular day of the show stresses, but overall, my experience with both groups was positive.  Now, I have to decide which groups I can do all at the same time, because as you can see, I am kind of all over the place with different groups and commitments, so scheduling is a little bit tricky.  I have some big decisions to make in the next few weeks, and I quite possibly could be the worst decision maker of all time.  I hate it.  I am so indecisive. It is a problem, but I am working on it. hahah. However, I am excited about all of these opportunities and I really hope that I can make it work and participate in the groups that will help me move forward in my dance career, along with making good connections and friends as well.  On the more negative side of things, my computer has a virus and that is just miserable, because everything I do when I am home is on the computer.  There is also a mouse in my apartment, and I am the biggest scaredy cat alive, so that is a problem.  I’ve also gotten a few negative dance reviews recently and feedback that hurts to hear, and although I know it is all part of being in this industry, it doesn’t make it any easier to hear.  I may end up getting an hourly simple job, which I was really trying to avoid.  I got the business degree and I really wanted to utilize it to get a job with a little more substance and responsibility to it, while also gaining useful experience.  So as it would be expected, there a lot of ups and downs on this journey and I am just trying to stay positive and use the negatives to fuel my progress for my dancing goals for the future.


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