Friday, June 13, 2014

Recovery Makes You Stronger

As much as I said I would blog on here regularly, that seems to be harder than it sounds.  I apologize for anyone reading this, or trying to, consistently.  Let's see, since the end of March a lot has happened.  I did mention a knee injury in that post.  After finding out that it was not a stress fracture and it was Patella Femoral Syndrome, I was very relieved.  I was mainly relieved because I was able to do some dancing during my recovery and physical therapy.  My physical therapy was supposed to be done a few weeks ago, but then the day before my final appointment, I got too excited about feeling better and being ready to attack my dance classes and auditions full out, that I ended up pulling a muscle.  I was in an advanced theater class and apparently when you don't wear your character heels in months, you should ease back into dancing in them.  My heel started getting worn down to the point of a huge cut and although it hurt a lot during the class, I said, "I'll be fine. I will at least finish the class."  However, by the time I finally looked at my heel and saw how bad it was and took off my shoes, it was too late.  I had strained my Adductor Magnus.  I could barely walk the next day to physical therapy.  I wasn't able to dance at all for a whole week, which was so difficult considering I was finally better the previous week and was so excited.  Luckily, it wasn't too bad, and by the following week of rest, my leg was better again.  Today, was finally my last physical therapy appointment!!!  Now, I just have to remember to listen to my body when I feel pain and stop dancing so I don't make things worse.  Throughout the entire physical therapy experience, I learned so much about anatomy, alignment, technique, and so much more.

I was able to go to Prelude DMV and compete with Project D in April.  We placed 2nd in the competition.  I also got to see so many people that I have missed so much.  That trip was no where near long enough.  Epic Motion was preparing for our showcase.  The showcase was a lot of fun.  I enjoyed the pieces I was in, and being able to perform that much in one show was a blast.  I took a musical theater audition prep class.  I learned a lot from this class.  The person I took it from has so many Broadway credentials it is ridiculous and I am thankful for that opportunity.  The videos of all of these events are up, so I will put the links below.  I did a project with my friend Vive, so check that out. haha I got the opportunity to work with Derek Mitchell and the NBA for a flash mob event.  Getting to combine basketball with dance was a blast since basketball is my favorite sport.  I also put up an old video from when I went to Utah to teach with the KODACHROME and More Than Dance group last year.

While I was injured, I tried my very best to stay positive but it was not easy all the time.  I don't know if people understand all I do is dance, so when I am injured, that's not only taking away my classes, it takes away my preparation for my future and the entire reason I live in New York at all.  It was very hard to stay upbeat, but it is over for the most part now.  I still have to do my physical therapy to make sure I keep up the progress I have made with my muscles and alignment.  However, I am much more appreciative when I can dance full out now.  I also tried to work on other things, whether it was voice, acting, choreographing, planning, youtube, marketing, or opportunity hunting.  Stay positive guys.  I believe in you. :)

Project D @ Prelude DMV 2014 [2nd Place]

Epic Motion Spring Showcase 2014 Playlist
I'm in:
1) "Rush Hour"
4) "Cafe Blues"
7) "Workplace Woes"
11) "Lights Out"
13) "The Demons Within"
15) "Stay"
16) "Impact, Aftermath, Recovery"
17) "Brand New"

"Fashion" - Choreography by Vivake Khamsingsavath

NBA Playoffs Five City Flashmob

Candy Rain Choreography | Amy Connerley & Chris Munar

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