Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Will Be The Year

Today is the first day of 2014.  I have huge goals and aspirations for this year.  I have been saying for months that 2014 will be my year, and hopefully with hard work and determination, that will be the case.  I have been reflecting a lot on this past year and trying to also be more clear with myself about what I want out of 2014.  How can I really turn this into a career?  How can I improve everyday and keep growing as a dancer, choreographer, artist, person?  I was reading an article the other day about not setting goals, but setting systems to make those goals come true, and it really spoke to me.  One of the problems with goals the article pointed out is that people can feel like a failure if they don’t complete it and stay on track perfectly.  That is something I can definitely relate to.  I am going to try to enjoy the process of working hard, getting in shape, training in classes, auditioning, and all the other components of what I am doing.  I know what I want.  Well, to a degree, I don’t know exactly what path in dance I want to do, but I digress.  I know I want to dance professionally.  This year I will fight to make that happen.

In December, I auditioned and got accepted into the Establish Your Empire experience NY/Jersey Vol. 4 with the incredible Gigi Torres.  She is such an amazing artist, teacher, and person, and I feel so blessed that I got to work with her and get to know her over the week long experience.  It was an intense program and I learned a lot.  We performed her piece at Prelude EC 2013.  Guess who hosted Prelude EC 2013… Project D Dance Company.  So I was a liaison for a team that day, I performed with Gigi’s EYE experience, Project D, and Project D’s fambam set (Project D and Defined Movement, our junior team). So needless to say, that day was a little stressful, but also so much fun. The following Friday, Epic Motion Dance Company hosted a benefit showcase for a Philippines relief fund. We had 7 groups from the NY dance community perform and it was such a great time with a great group of people, all for a great cause. How could that be better? We performed Stay, the same piece from WOD Boston and NJ. The link is in my last blog post if you want to see it!

I also went to Iowa for a week and a half over Christmas time.  It was a nice break from reality and just gave me time to refocus and really reflect on what I want.  While I was there, I got new headshots, started working on my reel, worked on my resume, designed my business card, and just tried to make sure that when I hit the dance industry world, my complete package represents me in a fantastic way.  Hopefully this year becomes everything I want it to be, and I become everything I want to be.  As always, the links below are the pieces I talked about in this post. Thank youuu! :) Goodbye 2013.  2014. It’s time. Let’s do this.