Friday, March 8, 2013

Ending of RVA

February was a good month for me.  A lot of really great opportunities came up for me in this month.  I was able to go to Utah to teach a workshop and learn about their dance scene out there.  I got to collaborate with my friend Chris and our styles although different, were fused together well. Haha. It was definitely a different style than I see on the East Coast.  Most of what I saw from the dancers over there were very high energy pieces.  The group I went there with was an amazing collection of 6 other people from all over the DMV and NC area.  I was able to get to know them all a lot better along with meeting a lot of new people from the Utah area as well.  This was a very inspirational workshop and overall trip for me.  Their dance scene does not include a huge amount of people, but it is an intense and hard-working group.  They were so open and welcoming.  This workshop really made me stop and think about what to fully pursue. Contemporary? Hip-hop?  That is the question.  That is still the question I find myself thinking about a lot of the time.  In February, I also was able to teach a Kodachrome NC workshop with my good friend Matt.  This whole experience is one of the memories I will hold onto for a long time.  The KCNC dance family is such an amazing group of people and I am so happy and thankful to be a part of it.  Matt and I also created a concept video of our choreography, and if you are interested in seeing it, the link is below.  I truly love working with others when choreographing, especially others from different areas like Maryland and Virginia Beach, and getting to blend styles and learn from all of my partners as well.  The rest of the month was spent choreographing, spending time with my Blank Canvas family, and wrapping up things in Richmond the best I could.  The next chapter in my life awaits.  Here we go.

Never Close Our Eyes - Amy & Matt