Sunday, March 24, 2013

First Call Back

And we have a call back!  The way that this company did it, was they emailed you after the auditions were over to let you know the outcome.  I was ecstatic to see my first positive response from an audition since I have been here in New York.  I felt really good about that audition piece.  It was a very high energy, classical jazz piece and was so much fun to do and perform, and luckily for me I guess my passion came through because they wanted to see me again.  Before that audition this week, I did a couple other ones for a touring show and another cruise line.   The cruise line one went well, but I did not make it past the cut.  I am not sure why, because it was the first one that I had felt more comfortable and felt better about my performance in the audition as well.  I actually enjoyed the piece instead of worrying so much about the judges, but that is the way it goes because you never know what they are looking for.  The touring show one was my first audition in character heels.  I was not comfortable in them, and I guess that showed because I was not kept.  The audition consisted of learning a 12 count technical combination.  The choreographer was very enthusiastic and strict about what he wanted, including very high kicks and a lot of facial expressions.  The next day after that audition, I went and bought the LaDuca character heels.  Although they were above my price range, they are very good shoes that show lines and are easy to move in, and hopefully could make a difference in my future auditions.