Friday, May 10, 2013

Moving Stresses

Well, considering that I haven’t written on here in a while probably is not a good sign.  haha Not a lot has been going on.  I have been majorly focusing on trying to get in shape.  The biggest thing that happened is that I just moved into my first permanent apartment up here.  So that is exciting, even though it was one of the most stressful and frustrating experiences of my life.  Especially the day of the lease signing, which got pushed back a day so everyone was already annoyed.  The lease signing was on the 1st, which was the day I had to be out of my sublet and by 4:00 pm, when I had to be out of my previous short term apartment, I still did not know if I would have an apartment by that night.  After being in their midtown office for 5 plus hours and it was after 10:00 pm, I finally got the keys.  My roommate’s guarantor signature confusion caused me having to wait there for hours stressed, upset, homeless, and thinking that I might be driving to Iowa that night.  Our third and fourth planned roommates ended up backing out at the last minute, which also caused a lot of the stress.  However, it is done now, I am in my apartment, and I am not living in Central Park. Yay!  As far as dance goes, I have been taking some classes, but they are expensive, so not as many as I would like to be taking.  However, I am hopeful for the future.  Still no luck with the part time business work.  However, I am trying to stay positive about everything because as cliché as it sounds, I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Ohhh, side note.  I was able to go down to Richmond to visit and work on some concept videos with some talented individuals.  I got to work with Mike on a piece to Give It To Me Right.  We started it before I moved, and finished it before he moved to Seattle.  Then I also got to work on my first group concept video titled Family Portrait.  I am so appreciative of the four dancers, Marbien, Fred, Edlene, and Mike for working very hard to learn and clean the piece very quickly.  I also am very thankful for Warren, Marhesha, and Hero for putting up with me and working very hard on the filming and editing.  It was also so amazing to see everyone in Richmond, and even a visit from some NC family.  I got to go to the KCVA finale, and had a wonderful time dancing with the dance fam.  I love KCNC, KCVA, and Blank Canvas obviously with all my heart and I cannot wait to see them again!

Give It To Me Right - Amy & Mike

Family Portrait

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