Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gettin That Buisness

Hokay, so.  Some bigger changes have happened now since my last post.  Slowly but surely, things have started to turn around for me.  I auditioned for and got on another dance company.  This one is in Astoria and is more of a Salsa and Samba focused company, while also doing jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, all that, so that should be a great learning experience.  I finally heard back from all of the internships I applied for.  At first I agreed to do three of them part time, but due to trying to survive at all financially, I had to let one of them go.  So I will be doing two part time business marketing internships throughout the summer.  One is with a modern dance company, so I will get to see how running a non-profit dance company in the real world really works.  The other internship utilizes a classroom setting and teaches me, along with the other 10 interns, about inbound marketing and other skills that should make us more marketable in the industry.  In exchange for taking this class for free, we use what we have learned by doing projects and events for the company who set this entire internship up.  This company supplies services and support for women who have survived domestic abuse.  I believe that both of these internships will teach me a lot and give me real world experience on my business side.   I have found some part time, temporary paid work.  However, just that, temporary things, but I believe that the right opportunity will come for me, maybe from one of these experiences.

The internship I had to let go was involved with an advocacy group attempting to protect and preserve American wild horses’ land and environment and their right to be on the public land.  I am sad to not have been able to continue with this one, but if you are interested in this issue, I would happy to talk to you about it or put you in contact with people who can tell you even more or how to get involved!  Even with the short time I was with this group, I learned a lot about this issue and wish them all the best with their goals for these horses.  On the dance side, I am going to try to get back into technique classes besides just choreography classes all the time.  I have also been networking with different hip-hop people around the city, just trying to dance with more people.  Hopefully more will come for hip-hop before my next post! Until next time!